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Magaya house raided


Prophet Magaya had a very successful week in Kenya where thousands gathered to receive the word of God and be ushered into the presence of Him.

He received a standing ovation and an amazing welcome at the airport that he had never experienced in his life time. Many concluded that what the prophets said is true that a prophet is not celebrated in his own hometown.

After he came back home he was awakened to a reality he never imanaged would be part of his life. Police raided his home early in the morning looking for arms. Speaking to one of the closest people to the prophet he had this to say:

Yes i’m here to confirm that above 40 armed man who refused with their names came to the prophet house at 4am up to 9 am stating that “ they were looking for fire arms after a long search and serious trauma they then said we are looking for one Frank mudimu and produce warrant with that name .

Everyone is just in pain of the act but physically the man of God is okay our only fear is who did send them did they not plant things on our ground. Wats their next accusations .

Are they after the life of the man of God . Whats really is happening Yes am speaking against the advice of my leader who kept say please be quite who ever is behind this will see .

But me am not spiritual like him wat saw today it’s traumatising enough.

Many have been left appalled by this incident because this is one thing you wouldn’t see coming. The prophet however is calm and has left everything in God’s hands like he always do.