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Mliswa praises Chamisa


Mliswa had this to say :

Nelsonchamisa is correct in banning state media. State owned media never covers anybody.They only cover ZANU PF. All they do at opposition rallies is spin what has been said& paint someone in a bad light. So there is no need for them unless they are present for for free lunch.

They add nothing. In Norton we have done good things but they don’t want all that. They just wait for negative things. It’s a good move by @nelsonchamisa. At certain times you have to choose who is for you and who isn’t! Public media has failed in this country.

The failure of public media is an indictment of larger failures in the body politick where media space is restricted. That is why some of us are thankful for the power of social media. With nearly 400 000 followers I have no need for state media. I just broadcast myself.

No one cares about public media today because social media progress has made public media a sitting duck plodding in the wake of running narratives. Today state media is a reactive tool. It’s all about damage control and official positions.

Today independent& citizen journalists are more dependable than state media. That is why the ruling party today is struggling in creating a cohesive and strong propaganda narrative. It’s constantly undressed by social media.