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Ed Branson to fly back Zimbabweans stuck in Ukraine


The whole world woke up to a night mare with saw many brewing but never thought would happen when president Putin of Russia finally invaded Ukraine after years of tensions.

There are many national foreigners including Zimbabweans who were left desparate as the situation worsened with Russia attacking airports making sure than no one comes out of Ukraine.

The safest routes now has become road transport either to Belarus or Poland. The government of Zimbabwe issued a statement advising the students in Ukraine to either seek help from the embassy in Berlin or move to Poland where they can be assisted.

Prophet Ed Branson has also offered a plane that will carry all stranded Zimbabwean citizens in Ukraine from Poland. In his official statement he had this to say:

In Response to the many pleas of Zimbabweans stuck in Ukraine,We are in the midst of trying to assist unfortunately Our earlier plan to charter a plane to carry Zimbabweans from Ukraine directly will not be possible as a no fly zone has been issued and the operator we had approached cannot fly into the Ukrainian Airspace.Therefore if Zimbabweans in Ukraine can find their way into Poland and get in touch with the Zimbabwean embassy,We will be able to assist for them to be chartered back home for free.Please get in touch with the embassy on +49 30 232556760…

N.B This Is a sole initiative by Prophet Edd Branson and Partners