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Makhadzi responds to Ricky Death



At this stage of life I will never judge anyone or any CELEBRITY who take their own life .
We dont have people to talk to ,because most of the people who are closest friends they are the one who mostly betraying us.
Instead of helping us they go around bragging about our situation just to prove that they know us better.

When it comes to our fans , there are those ones who allways want likes and share by insulting and humiliating us with the situation that we cannot change .
I wish if our fans they know that we are human beings like any other human. We feel pain like anyone especially when you found out that millions of people they are making fun about situation that you cannot change .how do you survive that if you are nor strong 💪.

I had money and now I don’t have it . Don’t laugh , iam not God and I cannot predict this life , and enjoying my money is not a sin .

*I was driving a car, now I’m catching a taxi.. DON’T ASK AND LAUGH .
*She doesn’t have a baby , dont say it loud and laugh
*The finger no longer has a ring.. DON’T ASK and laugh
*He’s no longer catching that 5am bus.. DON’T ASK and laugh
*She was staying in town, now she’s back home.. DON’T ASK and laugh .