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Madam Boss and mai Titi unfollow each other


After Madam Boss and mai Titi unfollowed each other this is what some social commentaries had to say:

Iam not surprised bcz the e thing l observed about Mai TT n Madam boss friendship is. Nyaya yakatangira pakuti ED wants to use social media influencers to mobilise the youths to vote for them since most youths prefer opposition parties. It all started with calling Passion Java to start shouting out ED n Zanu PF, then they came with a plan Where by java reunites with MaiTT after some clashes then to make MaiTT n Madam boss friends again. Mai TT had no option but to accept to reunite with both since she was always doing lives against them because the unity idea came from the President thats why vakatengerwa mota vese at once.

Otherwise deep down MaiTT n Madam boss don’t like each they jealous n envious of each other you can tell their friendship is all fake but have to do it n impress the regime that’s why it was easy for them to meetup with Monica Mutsvangwa bcz they are the tickets of zanu pf to the youths votes. Only the wise will get this sense on my comment