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Ricky fires life in danger


Ricky fires’ performance at the CCC rally was overwhelming and many have praised him for taking such a powerful stance. However hours later the musician has shared disturbing messages which shows that there is someone who is threatening him.

He had this to say:

People of Zimbabwe someone is threatening me ndasenderwa this in my inbox… But hanzi na Honourable Wiwa ngavaite easy coz it wont end well

Share it and make the world know

Others have stood in solidarity with him citing that :

This is so heartbreaking veduwe..Chillspot inga yaingojambisa vanhu vavo kurally ye ….-Front n nobody threatened them ko y kuda kutyisa munhu nekuda kumuudzira in a country wer we say w r Democratic,does patriotism apply kuvanhu vanosupporter iyo front iyi cz vanenenge vachingotambiswa front chete.. #notodictactors ea to their own political parties without fearing for our lives n tht of our families. Change is really needed here,our people are dying in South Africa butchered everyday like we don’t have a place we call our own home.

Most people are making a living selling fruit n veg,some mitsvairo nemigoti,some crotched rasta clothing and some are crotching marasta and they are actually managing to meet their daily needs n wants,if everything was ok in our country vanhu vaitadza kungotengesera munyika yavo here..do u think any sane person wld want to live being targeted everyday,No..it’s actually a sacrifice to oneself so tht they can at least provide for their families..

Make Zim home again,let’s build it from the start together timbomira zvekuvhundutsirana izvi..42yrs down the line n its deteriorating mo n mo ea day it’s time for change n the time is now..We need our people back home,we need to raise our kids n experience tht love wt them..

Ndambozvitaura izvi. Asi Ricky stand firm and don’t be swayed. They’re scared and they don’t have plan B. Why are they not sending the same threats to Fantan and all those artists who aligned themselves with the regime. It’s crazy. This struggle is for the people, by the people and for the people. Aluta continua