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Greatman and TEO solve their issues


Barely a week after musician Greatman (Tongai Gwaze) and Silibaziso Masara made headlines with their glamourous top tier wedding ceremony, it looks like the newlywed couple is already stewing in US$2,500 wedding debt.

What had been dubbed to be the wedding of the year, is slowly turning out to be a nightmare for the newly-wedded couple as service providers demand their money

A war of words has since erupted between Greatman and TEO Events. Greatman is accusing TEO Events of dishonesty in handling donated funds and goods.

Speaking during an interview with the Sunday Mail, Greatman claims TEO Events completely took over the event and monopolized everything.

“They monopolized everything! TEO directed all cash donations to their bank accounts and mobile numbers for mobile money transfers. Goods were received on our behalf. We got nothing.

What is surprising though is that there are service providers that are yet to be paid. I am said to be in arrears of more than US$2 500. However, I know cash donations that came through on the day and before could have easily settled the debts” he said.