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Chiwenga scoffs at Chamisa


The newly formed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has been equated to a useless infantile party by Acting President Constantino Chiwenga who also berated the country’s opposition for running down major cities and towns.

The Acting President was speaking at Njovo wetland in Masvingo Central where he officially launched the National Wetlands Policy and the Wetlands Management Guidelines.

Rallying Zimbabweans to continue voting the tried and tested Zanu-PF party in the forthcoming March 26 municipal and parliamentary by-elections, the Acting President also took an indirect dig at CCC party leader Mr Nelson Chamisa for trying to name his new political outfit after himself.

“We (Zanu-PF) are going to contest the by-election with a newly born small party, kanonzi chii zviye zita racho, Chete Chete (CCC), how can you (Mr Chamisa) say you are the only person, ndiwe munhu chete here hakuna zvakadaro,” said the Acting President.

He rapped the country’s opposition for running down the country’s once shining cities into dirty and filthy havens owing to incompetence and maladministration, while challenging voters to break with the past and reject the opposition at the polls.

The Acting President has said only Zanu-PF could restore the glorious old days in most local authorities that have been rendered completely malfunctional by the opposition.

“Services in most towns and cities are now completely non-existent and even workers (council) are not paid and this is because of maladministration. Is that what you want to vote for again in the coming by-elections?

“You have heard and seen for yourself that (opposition) people are useless, so let us make sure we vote them out and Zanu-PF sweeps all the wards and seats that will be contested during the by-elections.”

Chiwenga, who is also the Zanu-PF second secretary said the ruling party should reclaim all the seats from the opposition and retain those it controlled.