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Comic pastor attacked


Fans had this to say

Beauty or No beauty wouldn’t pay your bills, from the look of things they re happy coz they re still surprises done to appreciate their union, some have never got a surprise from their better half’s hence the bitterness and judgment on some people’ looks, and does that make them a better person at the end of the day?

Guys some comments or thoughts why can we keep them to ourselves.
One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
We all can’t look the same panyika.
This is so wrong

People are so very bitter.God created humankind in his on image according to his likeness.There are 2 beautiful souls in the picture and after all pictures do come out different depending nekuti watorwa wakaita sei,most of us we are only confident in our fotos with filters.Most importantly,what gains a beautiful face with an ungly heart?