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Mliswa baby mama responds


Susan Mutami has responded to Temba Mliswa, she had this to say :

What I will not do is allow u Temba Mliswa to Bully me in front of the whole nation. I asked u through @cdesetfree to look after Tino and u refused and always hide w wanting DNA which I have no problem doing. How do u do paternity w someone u blocked.

Whatever the strategy is in your camp Darling I’m here for it. For a second I loved u Temba Mliswa till SB Moyo sent his aide to warn me abt u at ur villa and said that pane zviri kuitika in politics and the aide recorded ur friend.

When he rang, asking if he cld pick up my son for a few minutes and I refused. He even wanted to know the type of relationship u had with his wife since he knew u guys were communicating. I knew I had messed up bt I kept my pregnancy.

I love Tino with all my heart and he’s loved by my family and his fellow Australians and that’s all that matters. SB Moyo prepared me for this as if he knew what was coming so don’t ever think u can Bully me.. MAYA, NADA.

Since Temba Mliswa wants us to discuss our personal issues in public, I’m here for it. FYI I started sleeping w ur Honourable MP for Norton on the second day of my period whilst I was still bleeding till I finished ovulating and we waited for the results since he had promised to marry me. I’m happy to do DNA’s any-day, anytime here in Australia. I didn’t even sleep with anyone during that period saka zvemunhu anoda kuita kunge akanyengerwa iye akanyenga ega handizvidi.