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Jay Israel endorses Chamisa


South African based Pastor Jay Israel has given his view on the CCC movement, in a long detailed message he had this to say:

I am not a politician and I don’t support any political party but I stand with the poor masses of Zimbabwe who do not have access to privileges like those who have become puppets of zanu pf overnight because of hunger and starvation . They will be used and thrown away very soon after the regime is done with them and have rendered them useless .

Let me say this on behalf of those who are tired of the brutality , evil governance , poor living standards and the deteriorating economy of Zimbabwe but can’t say a word because of fear .

The Mugabe regime is not different from the Mnangagwa regime . Firstly there is no sane president who can appoint false prophets to be part of his cabinet or to be anywhere close to the government offices , let alone appointing comedians who masquerade as Prophets to be part of what they claim to be a system of rebuilding the country .
What do you expect when you put fake prophets and corrupt politicians together ? The only mission is to make sure that they win the 2023 elections by ballot or rigging .
False Prophets are busy exploiting the poor masses of Zimbabwe by giving them fake prophecies and fake promises and false hope knowing very well God does not speak to them but it’s all for their personal gain .

On the other hand corrupt politicians are organising rallies to go and lie to the poor masses promising jobs and better living standards just as they have been doing for the past 50 years . My heart cries out for zimbabwe . My heart cries out for the old grannies who are used to cast votes and dumped just after voting . My heart bleeds for the young Zimbabwean youths who are jobless and are resorting to drugs because of lost hope .

The only people benefiting from zanu pf are those minions they are using to push the voting agenda and silence the opposition party on social media not the poor masses who will be casting their votes .