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Zimbabweans plead with SA

A soldier maintains order as hundreds of people gather at the gate of the border waiting to enter into South Africa following the announcement of the Zim lockdown. Photo / Shiraaz Mohamed.

The issue of Zimbabweans being deported home and others being denied entry into South Africa is a very critical issue in Southern Africa politics.

ENCA a broadcasting network in South Africa took a visit to the capital of Harare to have an interview with various Zimbabweans from the streets.

Many pleaded with South Africans to be linient with them and allow them to work.” Things are not ok”, one citizen said if they were ok we would not be flocking to your countries.

Hopewell had this to say:

Zimbabweans in Harare plead with South Africans to allow them to come to South Africa and look for jobs in theis @enca report by @pindaidube reporting from Harare,