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Shadhaya attacks Stunner


The battle between Stunner and Shadhaya seem to be far from ending. Shadhaya went in hard on the artist attacking him to being an old teenager who owns nothing.

In his tweet he had this to say:

Ndiwe hako wainyepera kunzwisisa ma NEEDS & WANTS ku Prince Edward, hezvo wakuvhaira nekusiya thaza mubhawa apa uri roja. Wakuvhaira ne hembe asi usina kana asset. In your 40s the only thing worth of note you can claim is I SMASHED nhingi na nhingi, that’s sad old man.

Stunner is yet to respond to some of these claims by Shadaya.

He went further to talk about his relationship and how disgusting it is for a man crying for a woman reffering to the situation Stunner cried for Olinda