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Prophet Angel sets the record straight


Prophet Uebert Angel has made the future clear on the role of the Seer in his ministry. The prophet has been commended for raising such a focused and dedicated young man.

In his latest post today he indicated that the Seer Uebert Angel Junior will be taking over from him some of the roles.

Others had this to say :

The doctrine of inheritance well explained with the aid of pictures, actions and results. Doctine of a tree and its fruits well elaborated to detail, with the aid of resembling smiling faces and style and mannerisms during ministration. For now, i dont know any other Pastor or Prophet out there who openly show pictures with biological son and show pride in raising his child to follow his footsteps. So inspiring

This is a great lesson not only to preachers or teachers but also to parents who are raising their children and want them to follow a good path.