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Prophet rapes woman after praying for her


A SELF-STYLED prophet, Samuel Guta of Power of Unity in Christ Church, who is on trial for rape, is believed to be on the run.

Judgment in the case was set to be handed down last week.

However, the accused did not turn up for the court proceedings.

Guta had been remanded to appear in court on January 7, by the magistrate Gloria Takundwa.

But, he didn’t turn up, prompting her to issue a warrant of arrest.

Guta is accused of raping a 22-year-old congregant during a prayer and cleansing session.

The self-styled prophet denied the allegations.

He claimed she had been in the habit of luring him to bed and would complain that her husband was no longer satisfying her desires.

The State, led by Cecilia Mashingaidze, said on January 7, 2021, Guta allegedly called the woman for a cleansing ceremony at a certain mountain, between Riverside and Churu farms, near Harare.

It is alleged he told the woman to bring three lemons to the mountain so that he could also pray for her three-year-old child.

The court heard that the woman went to the mountain with her child.

Guta allegedly told her to return the child home since they were likely to delve into ‘sensitive matters’ with her.

It is alleged the woman complied and returned her baby.

It later started raining and Guta invited the woman into a tent.

The woman is said to have initially refused but Guta threatened not to help her unless she got into the tent.

Guta allegedly took a lemon, prayed and gave the woman a piece to eat while he ate the other piece.

The court heard that Guta asked the woman to rub a piece of lemon under her feet and chest.

The woman is said to have suddenly lost consciousness only to wake up to find herself without her undergarments.

He allegedly prayed for the woman again and she fell unconscious, for the second time, after which she woke up to find him raping her.

The accused prayed for the complainant for the third time, and she again lost consciousness and woke up lying face down, without clothes.

She asked the accused what had happened and Guta told her that an evil spirit had come out of her.

He claimed she had removed her clothes while she was manifesting.

The woman informed her aunt who reported the matter to the police.