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Makhadzi rebuked by fan


A fan had this to say after Makhadzi wanted to do in Botswana

Dear Makhadzi

The idea of having one woman show in Botswana and give back to them is not a good idea. Start in your poorest province. Venda in particular, there is too much poverty there.

95% of your bookings are from Limpopo. I have about 25 learners who came looking for uniform here in Limpopo.

We have quite a huge number of students who dropped out due to fees.

How did Botswana do to support your music which we didn’t do in Limpopo?

On the 16 December we came in our numbers (even if it was raining) to support you.

Charity begins at Home Khadzi.

Start your one man show in Limpopo. We will come support like we always do. Your large numbers of fans is in Limpopo. Don’t be like other artists who forgot us when they became big.

I come with peace and I’m just giving my 2 cent opinion.

Thank You!!!

Makhadzi had this to say :

Dear kwenisto, my brother . thank for raising your point and iam not taking it for granted.
Unfortunately in Limpopo is not easy to get a venue like stadiums ..

I have been trying to get Thohoyandou stadium and Peter mokaba stadium but no one is willing to give me a stadium ๐ŸŸ. Unless if maybe iam contacting the wrong people .

. It willing be a dream come true to be the first Limpopo woman to fill up the stadium .
I have been trying since 2019.

I love my Limpopo fans more than anything . Iam makhadzi because their support, please lets make it happen , please connect me with the right people to make it happen.

I canโ€™t wait to fill up Peter mokaba stadium and Thohoyandou stadium . Aa๐Ÿ™