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Intoxicated father axes son to death after mistaken him for a wild animal


A 32-year-old Mvurwi man fatally axed his

seven-year-old son after mistaking him

for a wild animal.

Mashonaland Central police

spokesperson Inspector Milton

Mundembe confirmed the arrest of Tukai

Sinoya of A51 Compound Ceaser mine in

Mvurwi for the murder of his son Fortune.

Insp Mundembe said on January 7 this

year at around 3pm Sinoya returned

home from Ngoroni Bar where he was

drinking with his friends.


He proceeded to his bedroom to rest and

left his son playing in the neighbourhood.

At around 5pm his son joined him on the

bed and slept,” said Insp Mundembe.

At around 11pm Sinoya woke up claiming

to have seen a wild animal sleeping next

to him.

He struck his son three times with an axe

after mistaking him for the animal.

After realising what had happened Sinoya

carried the body of his son to the police to

file a report.


The body was taken to Concession

Hospital for post mortem.

The axe was recovered by the police.

Insp Mundembe warned people against

excessive consumption of alcohol.

“It is worrisome that an innocent soul was

lost unnecessarily. The law will take its

course. Alcohol is hazardous to health

and can lead to mental health problems.

We are also appealing to people to refrain

from drug use,” said Insp Mundembe.