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Shadhaya attacked for chatting with married woman


Shadhaya had this to say

Fellas, be with women who actually respect you. Don’t end up being that guy threatening other guys to stay away from your woman. If that woman had any respect for you, she’d never be flirting with other men….
It’s bad enough she’s disrespecting you, now when you are threatening other dudes, you’re embarrassing yourself. If you have any self respect, you immediately cut off that woman. Respect is everything when it comes to being a man…

Know this, even if you’re to put that woman under house arrest 24/7, take away her phone, it still won’t change the fact that she doesn’t have any genuine desire towards you. No amount of money, begging or threats can make a woman love you if she doesn’t…

Which is why I am very much against guys dating women past 23, because at one point in her time, she’s been in a relationship she gave her all for. You will never fully have the loyalties of that woman, she’s not really yours, just your turn…

Know this: if a woman can’t have the man she desires in her heart, she’ll settle for the man who gives security for her mind. You’re her safe option & if you’re a woman’s safe option, you’re never safe.

Shadhaya also added that :

The wife….I didn’t even know she’s now a wife contacted me (if I had known she’s now a wife wouldn’t even be communicating)….Fellas, get married to women who respect you