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Rev Natasha Lucy exposed


Rev Lucy Natasha Exposed 🚨 Hello Proff Ex..Keep me anonymous I want to share a few details about the baby charlatan Lucy Natasha.

I happen to have been close to her former boyfriend, another baby charlatan based in Mombasa called Prophet Chris Mwai. I’ll attach a link later to some scandal involving him and the drug barons with the akasha brothers.

So, Lucy Natasha was a girlfriend to this boy prophet Chris Mwai, and they dated for close to 4 years. In those four years Lucy did abortion 3 times for this guy. While they were dating Lucy was involved with another charlatan from Nigeria (I’ll get the names)

Lucy Natasha and her mother runs a brothel where she and her mother uses those women you see accompanying her as protocol at 680 hotel along Nkrumah road within Nairobi CBD, Lucy has a brothel where she takes those visiting men of god from Nigeria and Ghana for refreshments and massages.

At one point the x boyfriend Chris Mwai, opened up about his experience while dating that woman. Thou they’re all frauds, They frequently visit Nigeria for dark powers to make their churches grow, they don’t present God anywhere on earth.

To Be Continued..