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Shadhaya warns Zim men


Shadhaya had this to say

And just like that they’ve forgotten the Tendai Ndoro fiasco. Zim men truly believe SA huns love them, the same way church folks believe their papa loves them. Stop cashing in the money & he’ll find himself on the next bus to Beitbridge.

Others also added on by saying :

They just want your money. So much much obsessed with alcohol, intercourse and lavish spending. They don’t care about tomorrow, saving and marriage . This is the reason why the so called “marriage” is out of their minds.

The guy is learning in while the woman is straight.

This directly shows the woman has the strongest frame in this relationship.

He will soon cry like a wimp.

No further explanations!

This issue has become a concern for many as Many Zimbabwean guys are being dumped and left with nothing