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Jay Israel preaches about Jesus


When we were young , we used to believe everything presented to us . I can’t believe we grew up believing that this is Jesus Christ 😅. A depiction of the colonial master who presented himself to the African child as the king of kings in order to instill the white supremacy culture .

Now that we are old , it’s time to question everything . This image below was part of the white man’s colonial plan to take over Africa using religion . If Jesus has to look like the coloniser then the colony will definitely bow fearing to displease the king of kings . Funny right 😅. This imagery is part of idolatry and this is not Jesus . That’s not his colour and he doesn’t look anything close to this guy .

If you see this image in any church building or gathering you must know that idolatry and ignorance is in play . This boy with blonde hair and blue eyes is some actor from the west not Jesus Christ . Do not be deceived , Religion has played a huge role in colonising the black man .

Back in the years , religion was used to take away land from the black man . Today religion is used to take away what is remaining from the black man . And guess what it is nolonger the white man colonising the black man but it’s now the black man in a suit colonising the black man .