Home News Chadcombe robbers escape to Mozambique

Chadcombe robbers escape to Mozambique


The two remaining suspects in the gang of seven that recently raided a Chadcombe house belonging to a retired CID Homicide detective Mr Joseph Nemaisa, after allegedly targeting the wrong house, are now believed to have fled to Mozambique.

The two on the police most wanted list for being part of the gang are Washington Hamandishe and Tatenda Mumbire.
Recently, three other gang members were shot dead by Mr Nemaisa at his Chadcombe home and two gang members have been arrested, along with an employee of the householder a few doors away who was believed to have been the target.
The gang of armed robbers, which was hitting the Chadcombe house then found out the hard way that they were attacking the family of Mr Nemaisa who managed to race back home, leap over a wall and in the resulting gun fire exchange, took out three of the five robbers and saved his family from torture and further assault.
More remarkably, two of the robbers were armed with rifles or assault rifles, but while severely outgunned Mr Nemaisa used his training and almost two decades of experience in the CID to win through.
On Monday, detectives from the CID Homicide arrested Job Tayero (37) on allegations of assisting Hamandishe and Mumbire to escape to Mozambique.
Tayero was arrested at Hamandishe’s house in Domboshava where he had been sent by the suspected robber to take some of his property and belongings. It is believed that he wanted to take them to Mozambique.

Acting on a tip off, detectives raided the house and arrested Tayero who then revealed that the two wanted suspects were hiding in Mozambique to evade arrest. Tayero appeared in court on Tuesday facing charges of assisting an accused person who has committed an offence and he was remanded in custody, as investigations continues.