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Hopewell defends Tsitsi


Winky D fans came out guns blazzing at Tsitsi Dangarembgwa for attacking his video they had this to say :

Fact : Lets learn to appreciate other people’s work and we are all one whether white or black … Others are married to white people@but we didnt comment but when a black man sings with white people its now a issue …. #RespectWinkyD …

Journalist Hopewell however came to her defense citing that we should by all means avoid bringing the husband into this.

I disagree with personalizing issues my brother.
I disagree with Tsitsi’s @efie41209591 point on Winky D’s video, but bringing her husband into this issue is a low blow.

Tsitsi was talking about artistic representation and not personal relationships.

Let us not get personal!