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Nurses escape hospital


Clinic shuts down after Nurses run away from s.e.x crazed goblins. The attacks have also been reported at the nearby Shale Primary School where some teachers are threatening to leave if the problem is not dealt with as a matter of urgency.

A clinic that was opened in February this year in Umzingwane district, Matabeleland South, has been forced to close after nurses complained of being sexually abused by invisible creatures suspected to be goblins (tokoloshes).

Shale Clinic was built through combined funding from devolution funds, the constituency development fund and contributions from the local authority, the Umzingwane Rural District Council.

Its closure has left villagers with no option but to travel as far as Esigodini for treatment. Temba Moyo, a villager who spoke to ZimLive, said:

The clinic is closed because two female nurses and a male health technician ran away after complaining that they were being s.e.xually abused. They woke up moist in their privates with signs that they had s.e.xual intercourse. This was happening at night.

At the moment there’s just a janitor and nurse aide who live in the community. Moyo said a village meeting was called after they concluded that the bizarre occurrences were the work of goblins.

Local headman Man Nkala told ZimLive that he was in discussions with the acting chief to deal with the problem and get the clinic to reopen.

Another villager who declined to be named told the publication that the attacks started in September this year. Added the villager: There were two nurses and a health technician. They initially started complaining about being tired when reporting for duty in the morning and were claiming that they were not having restful nights.