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Inmates sit for exams


A group of serving adult inmates within Zimbabwe’s correctional services are sitting for their Grade 7 examinations with some taking part in Ordinary and Advanced Levels.

This was revealed Thursday by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS).

“A total of 206 inmates are currently sitting for 2021 Grade 7, O and A level exams across the ten centers ZPCS established in prisons in conjunction with Zimsec.

“Education is a basic human right and ZPCS ensures that its accessibility by all offenders who require it is made easy,” said ZPCS in a tweet.

The tests are part of the ongoing public examinations that involve schools and other conventional learning institutions throughout the country.

However, ZPCS did not disclose how many of the 206 are sitting for which particular level.

Grade 7 examinations are often written by pupils who would be at the tail end of the primary school education.

Zimbabwe prisons are institutions for adults.

There are signs however that by sitting for Grade 7 examinations, some of the inmates may have missed that crucial level of their schooling.

Zimbabwean prisons, just like in other countries, offer conventional tuition for some inmates willing to take up studies and broaden their life choices when they leave prison life.