Home News More than 40000 bodies to be exumed at Glen forest cementry

More than 40000 bodies to be exumed at Glen forest cementry


MORE than 40 000 bodies that are buried at Chikomo Chemhute Cemetery, which is partof the Glen Forest Memorial Park face being exhumed after allegations were raised that the burialg rounds and crematorium had not been approved by government.

Chikomo Chemhute Cemetery was supposed to have sought and obtained approvals from the ministries of Local Government, National Housing and Public Works as stipulated by sections 35 and 14 of the

Cemeteries Act, and the Cremation Act, respectively according to a local law firm.

“The land is reserved for agricultural purposes, it is within the catchment area of Mazowe Dam, and it is less than 200 meters from residential areas, among other things. Our instructions are to request that the commission (Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption

Commission) investigates the actions of Cadrina Investments and its officers, and bring them to book.

Our clients and the writer are available for any assistance and/or clarifications that you may require,”lawyers from Mhishi Nkomo Legal Practice,

representing Fopuld Investments Private Limited,

said in a letter to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption