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Gumbura Estate scramble


THE widows of the cleric Robert Martin Gumbura have chosen his nephew, Chivimbiso Thomas Nyathi to be the executor of their late husband’s estate.

Nyathi was appointed following a huge fight between the 17 widows and their brother-in-law, Innocent Gumbura, who desperately wanted to be the executor arguing that he is already playing the role of the father for his brother’s children

All the wives chose his nephew called Chivimbiso Thomas Nyathi but other relatives were totally against it, they wanted Gumbura’s brother Innocent to be the executor that’s why the hearing took so long. But the master was very clear that the court must take into account the views of potential beneficiaries,” lawyer Lovemore Madhuku, who is representing the widows, said.

Gumbura the founder of RMG Independent End Time Message church succumbed to Covid-19 in August this year while a 40-year prison sentence for raping several women.

The matter was heard before the assistant master Hamandishe.

The hearing dragged from the morning until lunchtime as there were conflicts regarding the appointment.

Gumbura’s brother insisted that he is the rightful executor since he is playing the role of the father to the late pastor’s children