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Thenjiwe cries uncontrollably


Thenjiwe cried uncontrollably as she narrated her story on Facebook live watch the video below


Popular comedian and actress Thenjiwe Moseley has opened up about the heartbreak of losing her brother.

Thenjiwe took to social media to share that her brother died last week and was buried this week.

The actress, who is in the United Kingdom, said she was not able to bury her brother and felt like she had “failed” him.

“I am struggling to cope. The pain is too much, I feel like a piece of me has been removed.

“Last Friday, I lost my brother and he was laid to rest yesterday.

“When our mother was called to be with the Lord, all my siblings were in primary school (10-year gap between me and my immediate sister) so as a big sister, I had to take over and be the mother with the help of our maternal grandmother, uMadlamini (there are four of us altogether – me, sister and two brothers),” she wrote.