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Second rise of Chamhembe


The 2nd rise of Chamhembe legends

With Ex Q running the game ,Roki ressurection
,Nox doing it big regionally and Maskiri claiming the hip hop throne once again this year seems to be the rising again of the Chamhembe crew.

Many had counted these urban groove legends but they have defied the odds and proven again why they are still the best at what they do .

Maskiri recently released a couple of tracks which silenced a lot of other hip hop cats as he reminded everyone why he is still the best in the game.

Knox on the other hand has been making waves in South Africa having featured the in form Master KG on a couple if tracks .

Ex Q has been undoubtedly voted as the best consistent male in the industry as he has managed to maintain his game up there with the rest .

Ama 2000 can never understand mufaro wacho mhani, CHAMHEMBE aka urban groove crew rikudadisa mhani