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Roki bounces back


The music industry has evolved over the past 2 decades , the disruptive innovations brought by technology and digital music have pushed some legends out of the game but some resilient Zimbabwe music icons have survived the storm .

Rocky is no exception to these , a few years ago many had counted him out , regarded as undisciplined and lacking passion but the star remained quiet in the midst of all criticism .

Rockie signed to Passion Java records a move which was also termed as an worthless deal but just a few months into his contract he has proven everyone wrong . He recently released a brace of songs ,Zviripo and Uchandifunga .

The song Uchandifunga is a love piece to a woman who abused the benefits of love she once had and the man decided to move . Rockie puts the narrative that says If you take love for granted , all the other things you were granted will be taken away. It is resonated with an emotional instrument and passionate voice of the urban groove icon

Uchandifunga has gone against all odds hitting 1,2 million views in just a space of 4 days , a milestone which noone saw coming . Considering the population of Zimbabwe and the number of internet users this has proven that Rockie is truly an international artists encrypted with excellence and talent all over .

This hostoric event will not have come to pass without the proper work by Passion Java records management to put him back in the lime light .

It sends out a message to all artists who are into buying views , seeking endorsements , doing all sort of nasty things like posting nudes that what sells is excellence and not all the other things .

It is also worth noting that to be successful in these spaces there is a greater need to be adaptive to the changes inside and outside the industry . These changes should not take away the moral value and intrinsic worth of the artist but ought to show the reflective splendor for which they were made to exhibit .