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Jay israel message


I love preaching out of experience not theory . Rather than reading about how God delivered Saul to Paul I want a practical example with my life to prove that power before I can attempt preaching about it . How will I know that God can transform a drunkard into a Saint if I’ve never been drunk . How will I know that God can transform a drug addict into a clean person if I’ve never been hooked .

I want to see his power working on me first before I can tell the next person about His power that works . Many people are afraid of making mistakes and getting to experience life because of what people will say . I am not afraid of trying again and again until I get it right eventually of which there’s nothing like perfection under the sun .

I AM NOT PERFECT , I WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE MISTAKES UNTIL I GET IT RIGHT ONE DAY . I am not made of steel but of flesh . The difference between you and I is that I am a public figure and all my business is public and you are not . Any mistake I make is quickly taken to the public because it’s juicy content and yours can’t because nobody knows you . See you are a private sinner with a heavy public opinion about me .