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Holy Ten and Enzo collab


ZIM hip-hop star Holy Ten has finally spoken that he will release a single featuring Zimdancehall star Enzo Ishall, with whom he has been feuding for close to three weeks.

“I wrote a song Can’t Get which was meant to respond to Enzo Ishall but I am now going to release it as a collabo, we are going to release it as a dancehall song,” Holy Ten said.

Speaking about his “beef” with Enzo Ishall, which has sucked in several Zim hip-hop and Zimdancehall artistes, Holy Ten said it had run its course.

“The beef was ours, we made it happen. Enzo Ishall is my brother I will never go against him. We were trying to put attention on the hip-hop industry; trying to lift it up.

“As the leader of the youth, I was beginning to enjoy the trends but when things like this continue to happen, we simply have to go back to the message — what we want to give to the people. We have to go back to advocating for the girl child,” Holy Ten said.

The self-proclaimed leader of the youth, as Holy Ten prefers to call himself, said he has decided to turn a song which was meant to diss Enzo Ishall into a duet.