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Praying in the spirit and being concious of the fact that you do not fight things but going down to their level of manifestation but rather where they are made. Thats the spirit realm .

Emphasis on renewal of our soul . Our intellect and emotions . How we feel , how we think …all of them ought to be aligned with the work . Rom 12:2 Not being conformed…when we lose it there is whats called restoration God can always restore pur souls to where he wants us to be


There is no need to doe to self if we have become new in Christ . ( i really need to get indepth with that cause i have always believed there is a constant fight between the two as Paul said it but we ought tp crucify the flesh because it doesnt give up fighting)

Seems like one and the same thing with subjecting the flesh . Prolly things like too much bhora when there is a service😅 , things replacing the attention we ought to be giving to God .

We ultimately have the power to control this body , he says its up to us

The prophet comes to comfirm what we already have in our spirits . Scripture of as many are led by the…..

Great emphasis on listening to the man inside , the intuition , the gut , the spirit ( it can only be trusted when the word of God dwells inside)

Got me thinking of the phrase follow your heart . The moment you need more convincing than you already have it ceases to be you i guess .

I will always follow my deepest premonitions😊


Gets a bit personal, the only who can truly confirm salvation is the giver and the receiver

Great teaching on putting out fleeces 😊 . Have to activate faith and live in that realm .

Phrase _that was just me thinking_

He says something great then . God gave a message that concerns both of them to the wife , were indeed one .

Knowing on the inside is very important

Action *limiting the noise from outside by cutting down unnecessary activities and getting to listen to God more through constant word study , listening to materials , praying in tongues*

Thank you😊