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Baba Teah prophecy


Mai titi apeals for public help ndikuda kuurayiwa

Baba Tea gave a prophecy which distabilized many and speculation grew on who exactly was he reffering to when he said someone popular will die .

He however came out implying that it was mai Titi he was reffering to and he assured everyone that they have resolved the issue privately.

Mai Titi however erupted with a message written :

Personally I have problems with people who look for attention through things I did not say. Is mai Titi male?.is mai Titi mbinga..Now she says I’m threatening her after all those praises on my page, being grateful hapana kana Mari inodiwa. I’m just a time traveler who has access to the future, these celebs have a problem pamwe pacho you try help them vanenge vakufunga ukuda Mari. The gift I have handina kana kuitenga, so why wld I not help a sister or a brother. Mai Titi I neva told uy kuti mukufa I just praised you. If I did please remind me with conversations we had. iAmBaTea ZimCelebs Official

Baba Tea has responded by citing that he will do a live video to resolve this matter